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Monday Author Meetup: Rebecca D. Myers, Break the Chain of Abuse

Friends, my guest today is Rebecca D. Myers. Following her interview, learn why she is a strong advocate of stopping abuse in all its forms.

Rebecca D. Myers

About the author: Rebecca is married, a mother of two who recently discovered how much she enjoys writing. Writing, not editing or correcting! She loves to cook (creole cook but not too much cajun cooking) and make crafts when possible. She says, “Love my church and Jesus. I am so thankful that I know Him.”

Rebecca is originally from New Orleans, LA. She grew up in the Big Easy until the age of 14, then moved to Metairie, a little town right outside of New Orleans. Before marrying her sweetie, she lived in Slidell, LA for approximately four years until moving to Milton, FL. She misses New Orleans food, but not the crime.

Welcome, Rebecca!

Lyn, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for this forum you provided for authors. I realize your time is valuable and so appreciate that you invest your time for these interviews.

Thank you for saying that. I truly enjoy introducing authors to readers. Let’s begin with an often asked question. Are you self-published? If so, what made you choose this route?

I am self-published. In fact my publishing company is Writestyle Publishing. I decided to go this route because being an indie author a lot of publishers will not take your work and I hate rejection. Also, a publisher takes too much money to do the same exact thing I do. So, I accomplished two things by using my own publishing company. One, I did not subject myself to numerous rejection letters, and two I saved the publisher’s fees thereby saving money.

Those are good reasons. What about your book covers? Who designs them?

I can say proudly I do. Although I did not start out doing so, with my first book I had a hard time getting the hands to looking right. Near the end of the process my husband and I took pictures of our hands and they ended up being the better picture and therefore on the cover of My Journey to Heaven and Back.

Can you write amid noisy distractions, or do you need absolute quiet?

I can write, read, and study with the TV on. In fact I do better with the noise. My husband cannot understand I can do this. I can write and tell you what’s going on with the television program at the same time. I’ve always done this. Even as a child in school, I had to have distraction. Through college and nursing school I studied with the TV going. I’ve never got accustomed to listening to music and or the radio, just the television.

Do you ever wear your PJs or nightgown all day while writing?

It’s funny you should ask this. I am in my nightgown sometimes all day and all night. Other days I may get out of my nightgown right before dinner. I hate being bound with clothes and shoes, but I’m not brave enough to write naked. That just scares me. Because I am in bed approximately 95 % of my day due to pain, the nightgown works just fine. In fact when I skype you may see I’m still in my sleeping apparel.

Sorry to hear you live with pain. That’s no fun! Does your significant other and/or family support your writing career?

Yes, my husband has backed me 100% through my three books. My Journey To Heaven and Back, a near death experience, Remember, Not a Word, a story of abuse and survival, and Break the Chain of Abuse, a workbook whereby the reader can take two quizzes to determine if they are in fact being abused and/or how to get out of an abusive relationship. My daughter has also been my cheerleader and a very dear friend of mine has always lent a helping hand or good advice and support. I would not be able to write without their full support. It is always nice to have someone behind you saying you are doing a great job.

I agree, a pat on the back helps. What are your favorite TV shows? Movies?

My favorite TV shows are Dance Moms perhaps due to the fact I took dancing for ten years. I took tap, ballet, jazz, and acrobatics. I also have a teacher’s certificate for dance. Although if my dancing teachers ever yelled at me the way Abbey does, I would leave the dance studio pronto. Another favorite TV show, believe it or not, is Deadliest Catch. I love snow crab legs and did not realize the dangers involved in catching crabs. I feel for those poor guys out in the cold rugged freezing water. Someone has to do that job and I’m sure glad it isn’t me. My favorite movie would be Fiddler on the Roof. There is so much history in that movie and the songs tickle my funny bone. I just love the main character. I also love For Richer or Poorer. Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley both do an excellent job of portraying their characters. I love to laugh.

If money were no object, what extravagant thing would you do or buy?

If money was no object I would love to be a philanthropist and give money away to help as many people as I could. I would also love to build a shelter for abuse victims where security was a high priority. I would also love to own several apartments and/or house that abuse victims could live in for a long period of time until they get on their feet. It takes so much time and money to start over and it’s my dream to help those victims.

Very worthy goals! Do you have a favorite quote? Please share it.

Actually I have two. One is “A Man doesn’t own his marriage, he is only the steward of his wife’s love” by Edwin Louis Cole. My second favorite quote is “He whose head is in the heaven need not fear to put his feet into the grave” by Matthew Henry.

Thank you again for allowing me this time. I hope your readers will enjoy the interview.


Rebecca’s latest release is a poignant personal memoir: Remember, Not A Word

Remember, Not A Word

As a little child, Rebecca and two siblings were abandoned by their mother for three days. All alone, her fear heightened because her six- week old brother was starving, dehydrated, and crying uncontrollably with cigarette burns all over his fragile body. Both Rebecca and her other brother were hungry and dehydrated also. Rescued by their paternal grandmother and separated by authorities, life for Rebecca was forever changed. Both Rebecca and her brother never saw the baby brother again.

Abuse started at the age of six by the hands of her grandfather. While Rebecca’s grandfather was abusing her sexually, her grandmother was physically and mentally abusing her. Unfortunately, this sexual abuse continued for eight years until the death of her pedophile. Rebecca attracted another abuser, her very own husband of ten years, whereby enduring tremendous physical, emotional, sexual, and mental abuse.

After suffering abuse for a total of twenty-two years Rebecca finally broke the chain of abuse. Although this story is about abuse, it is also about survival. It is Rebecca’s desire to reach the many victims of abuse and help them realize there is hope, there is life after abuse– a life that is worth living. The first two chapters are dedicated to educating abuse victims on signs of an abusive relationship and how to survive abuse. Remember there is NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE!

Find all of Rebecca’s books:

Remember Not A Word

My Journey to Heaven and Back

Break the Chain of Abuse

Visit Rebecca on these sites:

10 comments on “Monday Author Meetup: Rebecca D. Myers, Break the Chain of Abuse

  1. Reblogged this on beckiescorner and commented:
    I want to take the time to thank Lyn Horner for this interview. It is because wonderful and talented people such as Lyn take their time to promote this topic of abuse. Thank you Lyn Horner, you’re the greatest!


  2. Thank you, ladies, for the nice interview. I just finished Rebecca’s book. Memoirs like this are heartfelt and strong on messages. Way to go, Rebecca!


  3. Very affecting! Thank you for being willing to take on this topic.


    • Barbara Bettis, thank you so much for taking your time to read about this topic that is in need of promoting and education. Thank you


  4. You are very brave, Rebecca! Wishing you continual courage!


  5. I admire you for being an advocate for abuse victims. Apparently, it is quite prevalent among all socio-economic classes.


    • Caroline Clemmons, thank you so much for your positive support. Unfortunately in countries including the US 40-70% of female murders are committed by their partner and one in five women will become a victim of rape during their lifetime. Up to 70% of women will experience violence. These are just beginning statistics. They do get more detailed and broken down into different categories. Thankfully there is information available now and shelters/toll free numbers for the victims to call from, as you state, all socio-economic classes.


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