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Thursday Tidbits: Home Healthcare Visit

NurseI had an interesting morning. Hubby and I had a home healthcare nurse come to the house and give us each a brief checkup plus go over our health care needs. This is a free service offered by United Healthcare because we’re enrolled in one of their Advantage plans.

The nurse, a very nice young lady, asked the usual questions about our health history, doctors (including specialists) and medications we each take. I take quite a few! Then she checked our blood pressure (hubby’s was a bit high) and listened to our hearts and lungs. All clear there, I’m happy to say.

Unfortunately, my blood sugar is up, no big surprise. We’ve been overindulging in carbs, especially sweet treats lately. Need to stop that! A report will be sent to our family doctors (we have different docs, but both in the same office.) I’m sure I’ll be hearing from mine. Cringe!

This visit was voluntary, not mandatory. We were a bit leery of it when United called to schedule the appointment. Would the home healthcare worker tell us some of our medications are too expensive and we’d need to change to something cheaper? Nope. She actually offered to see if we qualify for help in paying for a couple of them. I doubt we will but, hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

We’ll get a call next year to set up another appointment if we want to, and we probably will. There’s nothing to lose but a little time and who knows what the nurse might discover? Such as high blood sugar.Yikes!

Have any of you had experience, good or bad, with such visits? Do you want to share? Be my guest, please.

2 comments on “Thursday Tidbits: Home Healthcare Visit

  1. Lyn, our healthcare policy doesn’t include this unless we’re disabled in some way. I do remember the visits my mother-in-law received, and I thought that nurse was very good.


    • texasdruids

      Caroline, we just learned about this program. It’s part of the Medicare Advantage plan we are on and has only been in effect for about a year. I think it’s a great perk.


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