How do you like my new badge from the PRG? Isn’t it pretty? No, I didn’t win the contest. Sigh. But I did place third, not bad. Now I have a matched set of these little beauties. Well, not quite. The one I received in 2011 was for 2nd Place, although it wasn’t labeled as such. It was labeled “Winner”. The Guild has evidently changed their badges since then to reflect how the entrant placed in the contest. More fair I must concede. Anyway, I’m quite happy with both.


3 comments on “Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Badge

  1. I’m afraid I’ve nominated you for a ‘blog award’ but in my defence, it means I get to link to your blog and it’s all about cake! More info here. participation is optional so don’t feel you have to but if you do want to, it’d be just peachy!




  2. texasdruids

    Thanks, MT. A little pat on the back is nice.


  3. Yeee haw! Nice job.


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