This is my week for great reviews. First, best selling author M.A. Comley posted this short, very sweet review on Amazon for White Witch:

“I have to say I’m a great admirer of Lyn Horner’s effortless writing.

This is a great short story that introduces Jessie Devlin, a feisty Irish immigrant living in Chicago. Ideally read this before moving onto her druid [Texas Devlin] books.

Great writing, Lyn.”

Thank you, Mel!


Now I’m thrilled by two new reviews in the September issue of InD’tale Magazine, a popular digital site for readers and authors. It includes excellent reviews for both White Witch and Dashing Irish.

Here are snippets from both reviews.Revised Cover for B&N

Lyn Horner weaves a tantalizing tale of a young girl beset by visions, trying to figure out what it all means. As a novella, the story is short, but sets the stage well for the next installment, with great characters and a tempting story line. The descriptions of the Chicago fire are spellbinding, pulling the reader into the carnage. “White Witch” is a well written snapshot of a climactic time in American history, as Jessie and her family find a way to make their lives and fortunes in the new frontier. ~~Victoria Z. Burg


New cover for Amazon

“Dashing Irish” is a stunning story set against the backdrop of the not-so-civilized state of Texas in the second half of the 19th century. Tye and Lil are a couple that will prove hard to forget, their story well worth telling. Right from the beginning, the sparks between them almost set the pages on fire. Other characters were just as intriguing: Tye’s sister and her husband, Lil’s father, various people they met throughout the book. True, there were a few moments of unnecessary drama and martyrdom. Nevertheless, it makes for a wonderful read, filled to brim with amazingly drawn characters, adventure, friendship and, of course, romance. ~~Ana Smith

NOTE: You may need to sign up to receive the magazine in order to read the reviews and articles. It’s free and well worth a few minutes to sign up.

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