Hey everyone, I’m taking part in a blog hop to promote author Charlene Raddon’s new book, The Scent of Roses, and the books of all participating authors. June 19th , this Wednesday, is my assigned day for the hop, but I thought I’d alert you to all the other sites taking part in it. If you’d like a chance to win individual prizes plus the grand prize, you ought to visit these sites and leave a comment.


May 31,  giveaway
May 31
June 1 – Official blog tour for Kat Flannery (not part of PUB/PM blog hop)
June 2,   giveaway
June 3     giveaway  
June 4          giveaway
June 5 giveaway
June 7,  giveaway
June 8, /    giveaway
June 9,  giveaway
June 10
June 11,  giveaway
June 12, giveaway
June 14  giveaway
June 15   giveaway
June 16, www.katerobbinsauthor.comgiveaway
June 17  giveaway
June 18    giveaway
June 19,   giveaway 
June 21  giveaway
June 22,   giveaway
June 23,  giveaway

Please don’t forget to visit me on Wednesday to read more about Charlene’s fabulous book. I’ll be giving away a digital copy of Texas Devlins Duo, (a combo of Water Witch and Darlin’ Irish) in the winner’s choice of Kindle or Nook format.


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