“Well, I instantly fell in love with Jessie and Tye in White Witch and was hooked from there on, so hooked that a few times I started reading when I got into bed and the next thing I knew daylight was peeping through the blinds and birds were chirping! lol I finished Darlin’ Druid and started Dashing Druid last night. I absolutely love this series and hope there are more to come! I will recommend these books to my friends! :)”

~~Posted by Jody Kibbey on my Facebook fan page


2 comments on “A Fan Comment to Die For!

  1. Wow Lyn, you must be so stoked with this review. Congrats. Your books certainly deserve the high praise they receive.
    Cheers from Oz


    • texasdruids

      Howdy Bev. Thank you for those kind words. Yes, it’s always nice to know a reader enjoys my work. It’s a grand incentive to keep writing.
      Happy trails


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