Christmas: Deck the Halls!

Christmas stockingHoliday greetings, friends. My honey and I have been busy decorating our home for Christmas. I laid out our Christmas village, including three new houses we bought that match the size of our custom-made pieces created by my sister-in-law. She’s a talented ceramics artist and has given us many lovely gifts over the years.Christmas village 1 smJPG

The new pieces are lighter in color (see back row on the “hill”) than the original ones, but since they are homes instead of shops, I think they work. The pond in the foreground, the trees and people have been collected over the past fifteen to twenty years.Christmas village 2 editedChristmas tree 1 edited


With the village set up, it was now time to decorate the Christmas tree. We gave away  our seven-footer a  few years ago in favor of a small table-top tree. It’s easier to assemble and takes less space. Plus  we don’t have children in the house any longer, except for an occasional visit from our grandkids, so scaling down made sense.


Christmas tree cropped 1

The only trouble is I can’t resist beautiful ornaments and had collected quite a lot of them. Some have gone to charities, but hubby thinks we still have way too many. He may be right. By the time all are hung, the tree is definitely full. See what you think

Christmas tree cropped 2Christmas stocking 2


If you’d like to share your own Christmas decorating, send me photos as email attachments and I’ll post them here. (Not more than 4 please.)


4 thoughts on “Christmas: Deck the Halls!

  1. What a pretty display Lyn. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love seeing all kinds of traditional decorations. When I lived in TX, my neighbor decorated the shelf above all the cupboards in her kitchen with a Christmas city. It was so beautiful. I’m amazed at how people collect these pieces all through their lives.


    • Thank you, Sharla. I always enjoy setting up our tree and Christmas village. We also have a beautiful nativity set created by my talented sister-in-law. I need to take a picture of that and add it on my site.

      What a great idea your neighbor had! A Christmas city above the cupboards, now that would make me want to be in my kitchen all the time. Hmm, on second thought, not a good idea for me, because I’d also be eating treats all day! 😦


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