Time to pay the bills!

Okay, now I need to pester y’all with more book promo. Sorry! It’s a necessity of life for authors, especially indie authors like me.

New DD cover half sizeIf psychics live among us, if they existed in ages past, is it possible such gifted beings also inhabited the American Old West? They do in my Texas Druids trilogy. Meet the Devlins, whose hidden talents lead them across prairies and mountains, into the land of cowboys and Indians, with consequences not even a Druid seer could predict.

Set in 1872, Darlin’ Druid is a blend of epic adventure, stormy romance and family strife, peppered by flashwater & druidess.smalles of Druid magic. Jessie Devlin, daughter of Irish immigrants and survivor of the Great Chicago Fire, is descended from the “Old Ones,” her mother’s name for their ancient Druid ancestors. Gifted with second sight, Jessie dreams again and again of an unknown man who saves her from a terrible death. A prophetic vision convinces her the man is real and sends her west in search of him. But will her quest lead her to love or into a deadly trap?

Look for Dashing Druid, Volume II in the Texas Druids trilogy, in November, 2011. It stars Tye Devlin, Jessie’s older brother. Set against a backdrop of Texas ranch life, an iconic cattle drive, and feuding families, the tale delves into Tye’s painful empathic ability and the impact it has upon his life and those he loves.

For a glimpse of the author’s vision, see this haunting book trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om4QX4NCMBw


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