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New Review for Six Cats In My Kitchen

by Todd FonsecaCats cover for wordpress

Six Cats in My Kitchen – A Memoir

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: Lyn Horner

Format: Kindle

Anchored by six cats that entered her life during pivotal moments, Author Lyn Horner’s Memoir is a touching, funny, and enlightening novel that even a dog lover like me enjoyed!

In “Six Cats in My Kitchen”, Horner describes how each of these cats entered her and her families lives whether they were strays, bought from a pet store, or replacements for other lost cats. Each of their wonderfully unique personalities comes to life as Horner describes their foibles, their gifts and on how each helped her through critical junctures including a major life move from the Midwest to Texas, and the diagnosis of her daughter’s disease that she inherited from Lyn.

Cat lovers will certainly relate drawing on their own experiences to appreciate how each of these independent yet loving animals helped the Horners through some of their most challenging times. Through her prose, Horner’s love of life, cats, and wonderfully engaging humor comes through in this high energy memoir. Reading Horner’s story is like chatting with a best friend over coffee on a Sunday afternoon – few things in life are better.

An accomplished romance writer, readers can also enjoy Horner’s fiction novel – Darlin’ Druids – a five star novel!

Available on Kindle, Horner’s books are a great bargain.

Note: A complementary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.

6 comments on “New Review for Six Cats In My Kitchen

  1. lifewith4cats

    congrats on another great review. 🙂


  2. texasdruids

    Cheri, I’m sure todd will understand. Typos are the bain of a writer’s life! I’m glad you got some rain. Unfortunately none is forecast for us until at least late September.

    For readers, the thread Cheri mentioned is on the Amazon “Meet Our Authors” forum. The thread is titled “Western Romance Authors Please Post Here.” Sorry, I can’t get this link to be live:


  3. Hi Lyn,
    My goodness, what a wonderful and intriguing review from Ms. Fonseca! I’ve never owned a cat, only dogs, but I plan on not only buying your book for a dear friend who has had several cats and cherishes the one she has now, but I will buy Six Cats for myself.

    On another note, Lyn, I am wondering how close you are to all those fires? I hope none of your family and friends are affected by the horrible devastation.

    Always keeping posted with my sister authors in our meet our authors western group,
    yours in writing,


    • texasdruids

      Cheri, That’s so sweet of you! I sincerely hope both you and your friend enjoy Six Cats In My Kitchen. As Tood indicates in his review, it’s not all happy times, but I did try to lighten the heavy stuff with humor.

      The big fires are not near us. They’re further south and west, but we regularly see burned patches along the highways here, the result of grass fires. And electronic signs warn of “Extreme Wildfire Danger” along the roads. While the Gulf coast was flooded by the tropical storm, all we got out of it was high wind that exacerbated the dryness. Much of Texas is as dry as a dessert. Thank you for thinking about me and my family. Please pray that we get rain soon.


      • Oops, Lyn, mistyped….my apologies to Mr. Todd Fonseca!

        Glad the fires are not near you. We did get several inches of rain from the storm, but needed it also.

        See you on our popular thread ;o)


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