New Amazon Author Promotional Forum

I found a new forum on Amazon where authors can promote their books without fear of stepping on readers’ toes. It’s called “self promoting authors.” Here’s the link:

“Books Unmolded: crossing genres, breaking cookie-cutters” is a discussion thread I just started on this forum. My first post:

Do you write to fit the cookie-cutter molds dictated by big New York publishers? Or have you written a book that breaks the rules, crossing two, three or more genres? If so, I invite you to talk about it here.

I’ll start us off by telling you about my cross-genre book Darlin’ Druid. The first volume in my Texas Druids trilogy, this book has been called an action western by one reviewer, a sweeping panoramic romance by another. I class it as a paranormal/western historical romance. One NY editor told me that while she wasn’t interested in buying it, I shouldn’t take out the paranormal element because that’s what makes the story unique. I took her advice.

DD has received glowing customer reviews, which I encourage you to read on the product page. Sales are slowly starting to build, but it’s still an uphill climb. Being an unknown indie author, drawing readers is no easy task, and self-promoting eats up my writing time. But it’s a necessity. This forum provides one more outlet. I hope to meet many great cross-genre authors here.

Lyn Horner Darlin’ Druid (Texas Druids)  Six Cats In My Kitchen (a memoir)


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