Six Cats Book Status

Hey cat lovers, my kitty book/memoir, Six Cats in My Kitchen, is almost ready for uploading to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This baby has been flying back and forth from my computer to my son Dan’s computer for the past two weeks as we try to iron out all the little formatting glitches. I sent it back to him with my latest fixes a couple days ago, and he will be working his tech magic this weekend. I hope, hope, hope that will complete the job. I won’t know for sure until he sends it back to me and I once again run through it on the Kindle Previewer. That’s the free app authors can download from Amazon to check their work before publishing it. This valuable tool saves a lot of potential problems – and embarrassment. I sure don’t want readers to buy my book and find it miserable to read because of poor formatting. That’s a BIG turn-off, inviting bad reviews.

If Six Cats passes muster on the previewer after Dan gets through with it, I will waste no time in getting it uploaded. I’m planning to price it at $.99 in hopes of drawing lots of readers. Wish me luck!


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