Altered Book Cover

I just finished uploading a revised and, I hope, improved book cover image for Darlin’ Druid. This is one of the nice things about publishing a Kindle book. If at any time you want to alter the cover or text, you can do it. This is actually my second attempt to “fix” my cover. I was never happy with the girl’s (Jessie’s) hair and hand. You would think that as a former fashion illustrator such features would be easy for me to render. Not so. When I work in advertising, I drew with pen and ink in a very stylized manner. Painting is a whole different animal, and using MS Paint is no picnic. Blending colors smoothly is difficult.

Determined to improve the girl’s image before submitting Darlin’ Druid for another book review, I dragged a bunch of romance novels off my bookshelves and closely studied their covers. This helped enormously. I never turn my back on help if I can get it.Winking smile

While working on the Jessie’s hair, I also decided to turn her head and show her gazing upward at David. This full profile is more appealing, I think. If you agree, let me know.


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