Ice, ice and more ice!

My husband took me out to dinner tonight, my first time out of the house in four days. The streets are still so icy here in Fort Worth that I clutched the edge of my seat most of the way to our destination. I’m a Nervous Nelly passenger even without the ice, but since many Texans aren’t very adept at driving on ice and snow because they so seldom need to, perhaps my nerves were justified in this case. Making matters worse, snowplows and sanding trucks are far fewer here than in our native Minnesota, explaining why city streets remain ice-bound several days after Tuesday’s big storm. On top of that, we received more snow last night.

Ice and snow never suited me to begin with. Well, maybe I liked it when was a little kid, but I haven’t built a snowman in decades and I have no desire to do so again. Ever. That’s why I live in Texas, for heaven’s sake! The fact that I’m disabled and walk with a cane might have something to do with it, too — also why I haven’t dared step outside my front door since Monday night. Which in turn is why I suggested we go out for dinner when my husband arrived home from work today. Claustrophobia was setting in. Big time!

Temperatures are supposed to rise enough tomorrow to melt part of the frozen crust encasing our streets and walkways. I hope. If this pleases the thousands of football fans flocking to Arlington, our neighbor city, so much the better.


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