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Cover Reveal: Delilah is coming!

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Beguiling DelilahRomancing the Guardians, Book Six will be released by late June or early July. This installment of the paranormal romantic suspense series required extensive research since most of it is set in France. I’ve enjoyed learning more about Paris, where the story opens, and the breathtaking Côte d’Azur in the south of France, where Delilah and her hero flee in their rush to escape their enemies. Can’t wait to set this puppy loose!

If you like sexy romance, adventure, suspense and flashes of the supernatural as much as I do, I think you will enjoy this series. To catch up with the other Guardians and their loves, just click the covers and sample their stories on Amazon.

PRG 2015 Winner

Set in Ireland and Texas

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Set on Galveston Island

CapturingGabriel_scaled down

Set in Colombia, South America

TouchingCharlotte_scaled down

Set in NYC and Long Island

ProfilingNathan_scaled down

Set in Tampa, Florida

If you enjoy sampling the Guardians’ tales of survival and romance, I hope you will go on to read their whole epic story. Should you be inspired to leave a customer review on Amazon, I’ll be your friend for life!

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I’m so happy to tell you Decoding Michaela won 2nd place in both categories in which it was entered in the PRG 2017 Reviewers Choice Awards. Naturally I was hoping for 1st place, but 2nd is nothing to sneeze at! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted for me.

Here are the winner badges


Paranormal Romance/Suspense/Thriller/Comedy/Western


Paranormal Romance/Suspense/Thriller/Comedy/Western – Series

If you would like to try Decoding Michaela, you can purchase or sample it on Amazon.

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Have you voted yet?

Voting in the Paranormal Romance Guild 2016 Reviewers Choice Awards closes at midnight tonight, CST.

Decoding Michaela is nominated for an award in two categories. If you can spare a moment, I would deeply appreciate your votes.


Paranormal Romance/Suspense/Thriller/Comedy/Western

Paranormal Romance/Suspense/Thriller/Comedy/Western – Series

Voting Page:


Go to PRG Home page: and scroll down to contest voting instructions.

Book Blurb:

Michaela Peterson can read minds but can she tell good from evil? A Guardian of Danu sworn to protect one of seven sacred scrolls, her identity is known only to the High Guardian. Or so she thinks until a stranger brings word that her revered leader has been murdered by vicious “Hellhounds” who want the scrolls. She’s attracted to the handsome messenger, but is he who he claims to be? Or does he mean to gain her trust and steal the scroll she guards?

Dev Medina often dreams of a woman he calls his golden goddess. He believes she is real and meant for him. Expecting to deliver a warning to Dr. “Michael” Peterson from the new High Guardian, he is stunned to find the doctor is his dream girl. Fearing the Hellhounds may be coming after her, he wants to whisk her to safety, but she stubbornly resists leaving her Galveston, Texas, home. Can he convince her to trust him before tragedy strikes?

Review excerpt:

She writes effortlessly and before you know it, you’re immersed in the world of the characters …” CharlaCN

Decoding Michaela is book 2 in the planned 8-part series, Romancing the Guardians. Book 6 will be released in late spring, 2017. The story begins in Paris, France, moves to the Riviera and to the majestic Rocky Mountains as the hero leads his heroine (the 6th Guardian) to safety from their relentless enemies.

About the author

Lyn Horner resides in Fort Worth, Texas – “Where the West Begins” – with her husband and several very spoiled cats. Trained in the visual arts, Lyn worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor before she took up writing. She loves crafting passionate love stories, both historical and contemporary. Lyn also enjoys reading, gardening, visiting with family and friends, and cuddling her furry, four-legged children.

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Decoding Michaela Nominated Twice


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DECODING MICHAELA (Romancing the Guardians, Book Two) is nominated for 2 awards in the Paranormal Romance Guild 2016 Reviewers Choice Awards. I would sure appreciate your votes, my friends.


Decoding Michaela is nominated in these categories:

Paranormal Romance/Suspense/Thriller/Comedy/Western

Paranormal Romance/Suspense/Thriller/Comedy/Western – Series

Voting Page:


Go to PRG Home page: and scroll down to contest voting instructions.

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Pulse-Pounding Summer Reads: Romancing the Guardians

Need a blazing summer escape?

Pick up RESCUING LARA and DECODING MICHAELA, books I & II in the Romancing the Guardians saga. These fast-paced short novels offer suspense, adventure and sizzling romance, plus a supernatural theme. Set in Ireland, Texas and the Navajo Nation, these first two installments in the epic story will make your pulse pound and your imagination soar!

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          Rescuing Lara:                      Decoding Michaela

Each book is priced to entice at only 99c

Romancing the Guardians is a continuing story pitting the seven Guardians of Danu against their mortal enemies, the Hellhounds. Start collecting the episodes now!

Review Excerpts by Dii TOP 500 REVIEWER on Amazon

Rescuing Lara, January 10, 2015: “It’s so wonderful to pick up a romantic suspense-filled novel and fall in love with both main characters, as well as one or two in the supporting cast. Lyn Horner has created a tension-filled life and death chase that is softened by moments of healing and sharing in Rescuing Lara. With a touch of history, ancient relics bestowed on generations of Irishmen (and women) to guard and protect, evil “Hellhounds” out to steal these precious relics and a possible Bigfoot sighting, the plot is brilliantly set up as it slides across genres and takes on its own life!

Decoding Michaela, June 9, 2015: “Once again, Lyn Horner showcases her unique style, infusing intrigue and the psychic call of one heart to another, creating another tale that begs to be savored cover to cover. Spiced with humor, great dialogue and character personalities that cross the line of “make believe” to become living and breathing people, this romantic tale holds its own sparkle as Ms. Horner and Decoding Michaela lead us through a dark maze on a race to stay alive, and keep evil at bay. A quick read that never lets up its entertainment value! Stick in that beach bag next to the sunscreen, order an umbrella drink and enjoy!”

CAPTURING GABRIEL, book III, will come out in early or late September, depending on how fast I write and how much life gets in the way. Winking smile