4th of July Surprise


Woohoo! I woke up to discover Rescuing Lara is now on NetGalley. I’m thrilled it was accepted for this BIG reading and reviewing site.


Glowing Reviews for Capturing Gabriel

Release Day +2 for Capturing Gabriel brings wonderful 5-Star reviews!

“This is a great book. I love the depth of research that the author put into this book and the story content is awesome and kept me engrossed until the end.” -By Amazon Customer K Hamilton

“Capturing Gabriel by Lyn Horner is part romance, part action, part paranormal and 100% entertainment as she creates a hard scrabble world and brings two souls together at a most inconvenient time! You will chuckle at poor Josie as she is forced to adapt to a totally foreign environment with all the grace of a bull in a china shop and no back up to help her out! Gabriel has his moments, too, when his reputation is revealed as a front for the man he truly is. With his quirky and unique band of “outlaws,” once more, Lyn Horner gives us a chance to smile, knowing that, the only ones fighting their attraction are the mouthy and headstrong Josie and the quietly alpha Gabriel! Definitely not heavy or dark reading, this has heat, tension and an great author behind a wonderful plot!” -By Dii TOP 500 REVIEWER

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Two 5-Star reviews for Darlin’ Irish

October 19, 2013

By Barbara Lamping

This review is from: Darlin’ Irish (Texas Devlins) (Kindle Edition)

5 stars for this exciting western romance. This the first of a trilogy will keep you on the edge of your seat while Jessie flights [fights] her temper and the forces of evil to find a love she saw in a vision. Captain Taylor meets a rare Irish beauty in a full out rage and falls instantly in love but he refuses to admit it even to himself until. . . It becomes almost to late. With a sadistic villain trying to take Jessie from him he must fight hard to win her and even harder to keep her. Can’t wait to read book two.

September 27, 2013

By Lisa Williamson “suteko”

This review is from: Darlin’ Irish (Texas Devlins) (Kindle Edition)

This tale is a fun read. You can hear the voices of the characters clearly as you move through the tale. The visions of the heroine are both intense and understandable. This tale is a good fast read with a lot of rich vistas and strong characters.