9 comments on “Contact Lyn

  1. Hello Lyn, Just a line to say “thanks” for your response to my postings on – linesoflisteningblog.wordpress.com. Appreciate the “nod.”


  2. Congratulations, on your book!


  3. Lyn: Just stopped in to let you know I voted for your book In D tale…

    Jackie Weger


  4. HI Lyn, would you have any links that would be useful to someone who has just written a 50,000 word story.
    someone who could read it and advise if its worth while to publish.


    • texasdruids

      Hi Harry, I can’t recommend any specific links but suggest the author look for an editor who would be willing to evaluate his/her work. Failing that, join a writers group whose members write in the same genre as your author friend. A critique group helped me a lot.


  5. texasdruids

    Hi Mary. Good to hear from you. Have you considered self-publishing? It’s worked out pretty well for me and extremely well for some others.


  6. Mary A. Berger

    Hi, Lyn – Looks like you’re really doing great with your books and blogs and all. I’m not really sure how I got on Linkedin and not at all sure what to do now that I’m on it! I’m still looking for a publisher for my women’s humor/mystery cozies.
    Mary A. Berger


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