Over on Amazon’s Meet Our Authors (MOA) forum several of western romance authors, including moi,  have been discussing what characteristics constitute a heroine in our stories. Today, I’ll share with you what makes my heroines are like.

My heroines are each different in their strengths and weaknesses. Jessie in Darlin’ Irish (Texas Devlins, Book I) is probably the most stereotypical. She’s beautiful, hot-tempered (she takes after her father and knows it’s a flaw) and impetuous, which gets her into trouble. But she’s also brave and willing to follow her dreams even if it puts her in danger. She matures during the course of the book but remains true to her basic character.

Lil Crawford in Dashing Irish (Texas Devlins, Book II) wears dungarees, totes a gun and herds cattle. She puts on a tough front, but underneath it she hides a world of hurt. She sees herself as a lanky, undesirable old maid who isn’t worthy of a man’s love. It takes the love of a handsome Irishman to convince her otherwise. Again, she remains true to her character, traveling alone into the Colorado mining frontier to track down her man, and vowing to stand beside him, gun drawn, against his enemies. Only he knows how feminine she really is, although she does take to wearing dresses toward the end.

In Dearest Irish (Texas Devlins, Book III), Rose Devlin emerges from years of seclusion in a convent. She’s timid and afraid of men, and has sworn never to wed. However, when faced with situations that push her to her limits, she proves there’s steel in her backbone after all. And since it’s a romance, she of course learns to trust and love the only man in the world for her.

All three of these heroines save their hero’s life in one way or another.

The heroine of my upcoming release has physical limitations and a huge responsibility she can’t reveal to anyone, even the hero. She doesn’t believe he truly finds her desirable, but will slowly come to trust his love as her story unfolds through a series of short books. She dislikes being dependent on him for assistance and protection but is strongly attracted to him. He will have to tear down the barriers she’s built around her heart. They are both wounded characters, the kind I like best to write.


To find out what other authors think a heroine should be like, visit: http://www.amazon.com/forum/meet%20our%20authors/ref=cm_cd_pg_pg178?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx2UYC1FC06SU8S&cdPage=178&cdThread=Tx28D3RJQGVSGBL

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  1. The upcoming release sounds especially intriguing. Looking forward to it. 🙂


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